About Us

Welcome to Juniper Hill, a traditional family run business dedicated to excellence for over a quarter century. As a leading wholesale greenhouse in the Northeast, our commitment to you is firmly rooted on several core principles including: quality, selection, service and innovation.

To be competitive while offering the highest quality plants, we capitalize on advanced growing technologies. These include our automated systems for transplanting, irrigating, shading, heating, and controlling the environment. We use a unique proprietary soil blend that enhances the quality of the plant throughout its entire life by reducing transplant shock and promoting longevity. Most of all, our well maintained modern greenhouses produce clean, healthy plants.

We offer an extensive selection of Flowering Annuals, Perennials, Ground Covers, Vegetables and Herbs year-round. As well as liners, pre-planted, pre-finished crops for growers. We’re constantly researching new varieties to offer our customers a contemporary product line.

We are proud to continue a tradition of excellence that only an established family business can offer. Have a question? Feel free to reach us at (631) 298-5308, or via our contact form.